Friday, June 28, 2013

Minion Card from Despicable Me

I finished these cards just in time for the new Despicable Me movie premiere!  I used the stampin' up owl punch (with some alterations) to make the minions.  I got the idea from a blog post here. Scroll down for the tutorial on how to make the minions:

Materials Used:
  • Stamps: "happy birthday" from easy events
  • Other: owl punch, cardstock, happy birthday embossing folder, ribbon, thin black marker, googly eyes

Minion Tutorial:
Here is what you will need for each minion - each card has two.  
Owl punch pieces: 2 black owls, 1 yellow owl, 2 blue owl vests, 2 black large eyes.
Other pieces: 1 black strip (1 1/4in x 1/4in), 2 yellow strips (1 1/4in x 1/4in) 2 googly eyes

1.) Cut off the ears and feet of the yellow owl.

2.) Cut of the top of the first blue vest and the sides of the second blue vest (about 1/8in thick).

3.) Attach  them on to the body to make the overalls and cut off the access overall straps if needed.

4.) Cut off the bottom of the black owl and attach to the back of the body.

5.) Round out both corners on the black strip.  

6.) Stick two googly eyes to the large black owl eyes, attach to the black strip, and attach to the body.

7.) Round out the corner of one end of each of the yellow stripes.

8.) Cut off the feet of the second black owl, making sure to leave some black on the ends.  Attach them to the rounded ends of the yellow strips.

9.) Attach the arms to the back of the body of the minion.  It should look like this:

10.) To make the other minion, use the same steps as above and only glue on one eye instead of two.  It should look like this:

11.) Once the minions are attached to the card, add a mouth and some hair.

And your done!  They are a little putsy, but if you are making a bunch of cards at the same time and make all of the pieces for each step at once it goes a lot fast.  Enjoy :)


  1. Had an awesome time with your minion workshop this week! Mom loved the card :)

  2. Thanks for all of your help!! Glad she liked it :) I have another one for her...I'll keep you posted!

  3. What a fun way to start off a Monday...this card made me smile big time!

  4. Great pics/tutorial! Thanks for the referral link too :) Have you seen the new purple minion:

  5. Thanks for tutorail. Love the minion.

  6. I've made two cards based on your tutorial. Thanks so much for the simple and fun project. You've helped bring smiles to a few kids faces. Thanks!

  7. Hi Trish! I've just made a card using your tutorial for these little guys - the best one around I think! Thank you so much, I'll link back to you when I publish the card on my blog next week - it has to reach the recipient first :)


    Di xx

  8. Di again! I just published my card made using your brilliant instructions. Thanks again. Di xx

  9. thank you for making it look easy, I will give it a try, as got to make a card with them on for a little girl. Thank you so much for printing it all down for us to use.

  10. Really brilliant. Been looking for something like this. I have just purchased the Stamping up Owl punch (sent to UK) Now I need to get going, so thank you for this idea.